Role of Project Management Practices on Performance of Agriculture Projects: A Case of Price II Project in Musanze District, Rwanda (2019-2020)


  • Karangwa Mutyara Aline University of Kigali (UoK), School of Graduate Studies, P.O Box: 2611 Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Ndabananiye Gamariel University of Kigali (UoK), School of Graduate Studies, P.O Box: 2611 Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Mutabazi Placide Nkumba University, School of Postgraduate Studies and Research, P.O. Box 237, Entebbe Uganda.


Project Planning, Project financing, Project Execution and Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Timely completion of Project, Completion with budget, Quality specifications, Targets achieved, customer satisfaction


This study has been conducted with intention of studying the role of project management practices on the performance of Agriculture projects.  An evaluation was needed to find out if the Role of project management practices were effective and whether they really have contribution on performance of agriculture projects in Rwanda and most especially in Musanze district in Price II Project. The design of this study was a descriptive and explanatory design. A sample size of 73 respondents selected according to the formula of Morgan. This sample was chosen since it considered as manageable sample and it was enough to generate the outcomes and to generalize the findings to a bigger population. Data were analyzed by applying statistical methods, (descriptive statistics, Correlations, and regressions analyses). All data have been analyzed using SPSS 20.The findings revealed that Project management practices have a great role to the Performance of agriculture projects and it is implying a strong positive and significant relationship between project management practices’ role and performance of agriculture projects because The research concludes that a positive relationship between role of project management practices and performance of agriculture projects have been achieved at a very high extent Therefore, without project management practices, the performance of agriculture projects might be very critical.


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