First Shattering the Stereotypes: Feministic Analysis of Saadat Hasan Manto's Hundred Candles Watt Bulb


  • Ayesha Sameen Qaseem Dawn Media Group, 20-N, Gulberg-2. Lahore 54660, Pakistan


Feminism, Manto, Partition, Taboos


The study aims to shed light on the plight of women of the sub-continent that have been enwrapped in the sturdy duvet of bestial praxises since their genesis. Nobody plucked the courage up to raise voice against feminine liberation, but Manto did, through his dauntless writings, which are relatable in this era as well. Saadat Hassan Manto was a pronounced maestro of Urdu short story writing of twentieth century. He splintered the run of the mill, orthodox conventions through his literary work, imparting unfading deboss on human psyche to swallow an unflinching veracity of his slit-up times stories. The female characters in Manto’s stories are intransigently daring predominantly harlots, making attempts to fracture the well built stereotypes even when they are sufferers of disempowerment and gender alienation. Manto’s predilection towards writing laudatory account on social taboos gained him the stature of one of a kind writer in the history of sub-continent literature. Manto was a staunch believer of humanity and it is next to impossible to loathe his stories’ poignant characters for being governed by puissant iconoclast. The Hundred Watt Bulb is a tale portraying the barbaric disposition of a husband who is in the   saddle to obtrude his wife for fornication rather than bestowing her with a bulwark. Manto has iconically simulated savagery based on gender and sexuality. This study purports to traverse Manto in the paradigm of feminism and revolutionary demeanor his characters evinces as a harvest of subjugation.


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