Influence of Somali Displaced Refugees on Human Security in Kenya a Case of Dadaab Refugee Camp in Garissa County, Kenya


  • Halkano Galma Golicha Department of Languages and Humanities, Mount Kenya University 342-01000-Thika
  • Dr. Adan Jarso Golole Department of Languages and Humanities, St Paul University, private bag -LIMURU


Internationally Displaced Persons, Refugees, Security


The study sought to investigate influence of Somali displaced refugees on human security in Kenya. A case of Dadaab Refugee Camp, Garissa County, Kenya. The specific objectives for the study included; effectiveness of encampment by Kenyan government, effects of threats to human security, protection policy and contributions of Somali refugees to national security and their effects on human security. The theoretical review has been based on the theory of human security. The literature review examined secondary literature by other authors on forced displacement while the empirical review of the theories will deliver the theoretical perspective of forced displacement. The study used descriptive research design that employed both data collection technique for both qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative design applied to cognitive dynamics like perception, thinking, and consciousness. The geographical location for the research study was in Dadaab Constituency in Garissa County. The study target population consisted of 1800 refugees at Dagahaley in Dadaab refugee camp, IDP’s community leaders and Agency staffs. The researcher considered the use of simple random sampling in selecting the respondents to ensure that every respondent in the sampling frame has a chance of being selected. The study relied upon primary data that was collected from the respondents with the use of research questionnaire. The survey questionnaire being the main research tool, the researcher constructed the study tool to have both closed and open-ended questions. Data analysis was performed on collected data so as to transform it to useable form for purposes of deriving conclusions and as well as making policy recommendations. The data collected was sorted and cleaned for purposes of eliminating inconsistencies which may be found. Descriptive analysis done so as to present the general features of the sample such as mean and standard deviation. Multiple regression model also was put into use to help in determining the existing relationship between dependent and independent study variables. Data presentation is in the form of graphs, charts and tables.

Displaced Somali refugees have contributed to impoverishment, thereby putting their human security at a much higher risk in Dadaab Refugee camp, Garissa County. The is a threat to human security in Dadaab refugee camp, influenced by the Somali displaced refugees as they are considered to be hostile, making major parts of the Dadaab refugee camp unsafe for settlement.  It can also be concluded by the study that upon implementation of protection policies such as encampment by the Kenyan National Government, a significant effect on the improvements of human security in Dadaab refugee camp is achieved KeyWords: Internationally Displaced Persons; Refugees; Security


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