The Role of Governmental Administration in the Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Mohammad Sardoueinasab Associate Professor of Private Law at University of Tehran,Tehran, 1417614411, Iran
  • Alireza Hasani Assistant Professor of Private Law at Islamic Azad University of Damghan, Damghan, 3671639998, Iran
  • Atefe Ghasemi PhD candidate of Oil & Gas Law at Kish International Campus of University of Tehran, Tehran, 1451674784, Iran
Keywords: corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, environment, charity, developing countries, multination corporations, development


After the industrial revolution that caused the emergence and growth of Multinational corporations and their presence in developing host countries. The activities of these corporations were firstly merely based on the economic benefits and financial interests of these corporations that caused tragic issues in the social, economic and environmental system of host developing countries that resulted in their protests and consequently made the MNCs to alter their activities and only not do based on their economic and beneficial goals but also in favor of their developing host countries that is known as the social responsibility of corporations.  One of the most challenging questions regarding CSR is that it is a part of philanthropy and how the governments can monitor and determine the duties of MNCs concerning the CSR. This paper tried to find out the answers of the above- mentioned questions. 


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