Caring for Medical Staff During a Pandemic COVID-19


  • Maka Buleishvili Nikoloz Kipshidze Central University Clinic, Tbilisi, Georgia, Georgian National University (SEU), Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Nino Mirianashvili Med-Capital, New Vision Insurance, Tbilisi, Georgia, Medisson Medical Holding, Tbilisi, Georgia


COVID-19, health of doctors, psychological support


Since April last ye, we have studied peculiarities of the epidemic process related to COVID-19 in Georgia. In the article was described risks of all medical workers during an epidemic, all medical workers, without exception, are subject to greater risk of infection compared to other categories of the population. We composed special questioners for doctors. We asked them standard questions: about dangerous of COVID-19 for them and needing psychological support. The tests used in this study is easy to process statistically. Our results showed that for 48% of the surveyed doctors believe that COVID-19 is dangerous for all people alone, 40% of 4 surveyed doctors believe that COVID-19 is dangerous for certain groups of the population, only 2% of the surveyed doctors consider it dangerous for personal health and 10 % of the surveyed doctors believe that the danger is exaggerated. Fifty percent of the surveyed doctors were willing to receive psychological support.


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